The Sleep Cycles

by Tim Woulfe

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released February 26, 2016

Mostly recorded at home by Tim Woulfe in the summer of 2015 EXCEPT:
All drums by Mike Ditrio, recorded at the Turtle Church in Olympia WA
The "Dome Version" of Gentle Century was done in the dome while driving to Olympia, then recorded in the Turtle Church along with Mike who used the Chorus Echo in a way I never Could.
The guitars on "Headlights Passing" were also recorded at the Turtle Church in a fun way with mics on the amp and strings of the guitar.
Vocals on tracks 1, 4 and 9 by Rachel Gordon and Nora Einbender-Luks. They sound like one person but I swear to G it's both of them.
Vocals on Gentle Century by Nora Einbender-Luks, that one it's just one person.
Whistling at the end of "Riptide" by Luke Rein.
Mastered by Mike Ditrio.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Sleep Siren
(Lying in the bed staring out the window, tryina fall asleep. Started as an ambient ASMR piece. "Dear to me is sleep" is from a poem by Michelango that I encountered in "Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me" by Richard Farina)

Close My Eyes Gradually
Dear To Me Is Sleep

Blinding Moon
Grotesque Moon
You Impress Your Pale Light
Onto My Hollow Eyes

Close My Eyes Gradually
(I Close My Eyes)
Dear To Me Is Sleep
(Slowly Shut The Blinds)

Blinding Moon
(You Shine Into My Room)
Grotesque Moon
(I'm Blinded By Your Gloom)
You Impress Your Pale Light
(How Can You Stand So Bright?)
Onto My Hollow Eyes

And While You Stream
A Whisper In Your Beams
It Comes To Me
"There Will Be Release"
Track Name: (Lights Dimming)
(Crunchy footsteps and vague matter. Very subtle and obscure homage to the sound archivist Tony Schwartz. He has a song that's just high heels and clarinet, it's perfect).
Track Name: Slipping Into It
(Falling into sleep. Images from the day come up to the surface, hypnagogic like. Heavily influenced by practicing a general mindfulness and longer electronic pieces like "In The Light Of The Miracle" by Arthur Russell)

I Am An Outline in the Sun
I Am Soft Blue and Warm Flesh
Nothing Moves In Me
I Move Still
And Mindful

Eelgrass In The Morning
Slowly Curling Back To Shore
I Plant My Feet And Stand Among Them
Let The Water Push Me Back

I Am Warm Flesh And Soft Blue
I Percieve Darkness
And I Slip Through
Track Name: Riptide
(The First Dream. Started off as a joke song that morphed into something more "real." Written mostly by singing out loud while biking back and forth from the beach.)

Onto The Ocean Floor
And It Was Soft
I Sunk In

The Salt Rolls In Blue Waves
(Blue Rolls In)
I Rattle Around Them

The Salt Rolls In Blue Waves
(Blue Rolls In)
They Envelope My Head

Dip My Head Into The Wake
And Choke On What I Inhale
Surface Further Away
Feeling Far Too Frail

(It Swallows You Whole)

I Flow At Glacial Pace
(Blue Roars Through)
I Try To Stay Calm

Each Ripple An Embrace
(Blue Roars Through)
That Drags Me Along

No Land On The Horizon
Terminal 360 View
No Swimming Direction
I'm Lost In Blue Hue

(It Swallows You Whole
Moving Riptide)

I Swam Too Far From Shore
I'm Out Over My Head
Track Name: (Outside Unfolding)
(Darkness between dreams. Feeling peaceful while your mind is still moving at full speed. Weird combination of a ton of different influences.)
Track Name: Gentle Century (Dome Version)
(The original version was a straight forward full band version, but it sounded *cheesy* and *dumb* so when Mike & I arrived in Olympia I completely rearranged it and went wild with the drums and equipment. As it ended up: forgotten versions of old songs coming to the surface in the dream and making a new & better one.)

I Heard The Seeds
"Push" Through The Room
Then You Fell Asleep
I Felt Clueless and Crude

But, Lo and Behold
Our Light Is Burning Dear and True
In My Sleep Hideaway Cove
Or In Your Airy Hue

So When Spring Arrives
With It's Long Nervous Nights
Please Don't Forget
The Scent of My Hide

And Though I Don't Feel Left Stranded
Or Even Empty Handed
Sometimes I Fear
I'll Never See You Again

The Clouds Move Away
I Move At Their Pace

The Clouds Disappear
Just For A Moment and Then Come Near

The Clouds Get Caught In Our Eyes
Blow A Gust of Wind and Watch Them Collide

The Clouds Get Tangled Up and Furled
We Jump In Between and Slowly Merge

And Move Away
And Gently Unfold
Track Name: Headlights Passing
(The "nightmare." Imagining the worst on two seperate nights: one, standing beneath the Mt. Hope Bridge and almost getting hit by a car. The other, the strange feeling of my last night at college, where Purchase was shrouded in fog and people kept emerging where I least expected them.)

Pulled To the Side of the Road
Beside The Bay At High Tide
With One Headlight Burnt Out
The Other Betraying Night Light

I Heard A Car Screeching
Towards Me In The Dark
And Tore My Skin
While Diving To The Pavement

From Down There
The Burnt Rubber Formed A Calligraphy
It Said: "To Stay Sane There Must Always Be Unease"
Even For A Moment
When You Least Expect It

And Moving In On A Passing Wind
I Hear The Leaves Crunching
I See The Shadows In Streetlights
That Disappear So Easily

We Lock The Doors and Drive Away
Down The Slick Pavement
A Trail of Headlights In Rear View
And The Rain Was Just Starting

I Know They Followed Me Back To My House
I Know They Got In Through My Back Door
I Blacked Out and Woke To Whispers
Myself, Saying, "It's Only Night Terrors"

And: Unease
Even For A Moment
When You Least Expect It
Track Name: (Outside Talking, Sun Coming Up)
(The dreams are over, sleep is starting to lighten. An ambient piece fades into field recordings, someone outside yells "Owl!")
Track Name: Be Clarity
(Waking up and heading out into the world. Trying to remember everything that you dreamed and let that shape your everyday.)

I just get so tired
at 2 PM each day
so I walk down to the water
throw myself into the bay
a feeling - spiritual union
I'm a pool toy in the brackish
I float without reason
I float without place

If I can't live in that brilliant light
I will carry with me that state of mind
"deeper clarity"
even if it's unfamiliar skies
I will move as one with that state of mind
let it billow around me

and who's that singing in my stairwell ?
while it's thundering outside
I sing like eelgrass in the morning
buried by the tide
and swaying plainly in the breeze
I drift further away
from whatever apartment I end up in
from the world in which I lay

If I can't live in that brilliant light
I will carry with me that state of mind
"deeper clarity"
even if it's unfamiliar skies
I will move as one with that state of mind
let it billow around me